February 25, 2019
Francesco Caligiuri Quintet
Dodicilune Edizioni Discografiche e Musicali
Number of discs: 1

Project composed by Francesco Caligiuri (baritone sax, bass clarinet and flute), Nicola Pisani (soprano sax), Michel Godard (tuba and serpentone), Luca Gralaschelli (double bass), Francesco Montebello (drums).

Eugenio Colombo describes the disc in the cover notes by saying these words:

“Amazing, the music on this CD seems to have come from a secret (British) casket of the fatal 70s. Complexity of the compositional form, unitary and consequent conception of the proposed music, agogic and use of times and meters of other latitudes refer us to the aesthetics of the so-called “progressive rock”, but the expressive freedom and the risk in the improvisational parts transport us to a universe close to the most authentic African American avant-garde.

We are less surprised that this music is composed, organized and played by a young man: Francesco Caligiuri, from a small town near Cosenza, therefore from the periphery of the periphery of the Empire. Italy, on the outskirts of Europe, has accustomed us for a long time that cultural events do not necessarily take place in big cities, just think of Clusone, Noci but also, in other ways, Spoleto. The project is already defined by the choice of the adventure companions: Nicola Pisani soprano sax, the same Francesco Caligiuri baritone sax, bass clarinet and alto recorder, Michel Godard tuba and serpentone, Luca Garlaschelli double bass and Francesco Montebello drums; expert musicians, curious about different sound environments, without pre-made models and with original sounds.

The compositions are always at the service of the soloists, there is a counterpoint design which, also due to the absence of a harmonic instrument, gives us the illusion of listening to a small chamber orchestra instead of a jazz quintet”.